Chrysler Engineers Work for Next Big Technological Advancement

Timmons Accepting AwardWhat is the future of auto technology?  Is it electric cars?  Is it eight-speed transmission?  It’s hard to tell, there’s no definite “next big thing” attached to any single bit of technology.  That’s why it’s usually such a slow slog to the next innovation.  There’s time and money involved and the risk that goes along with the investment.  That hasn’t stopped Chrysler from stepping up and doing what they can to spur the next generation of auto tech.

In fact, an engineer with Chrysler by the name of Adam Timmons was just awarded for his work.  He is a Battery Cell Technical Specialist and was awarded the Stefan Pischinger Young Industry Leadership from SAE International.

What this award is meant for is to help promote careers in engineering by recognizing the contributions made by workers under the age of 35 that show the ability to be a leader in the industry.  Timmons works at the Chrysler Technical Center in Auburn Hills and is responsible for the next generation of electrical propulsion systems.  Specifically, he works on the batteries for the Fiat 500e electric car and the Ram 1500 PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle).  This allows for electric vehicles to travel further.
With people like Timmons heading the next generation of skilled engineers creating technology to improve drivers lives, it’s clear that while the next “big” thing isn’t known at the moment, it’s definitely right around the corner.  Can’t wait to see what it is.

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Is Electric the Future for Cars?

2013 Fiat 500e

Every industry has the same problem.  No one can predict future trends.  Try as much as they might, the market reacts however it wants.  That’s a problem that the auto industry is going through right now.  How can they prepare for a future that is looking more and more to not be dependent on traditional gas?  Recent developments that have been made with electric cars certainly point to this being the most potential industry.  But CEO of Chrysler Sergio Marchionne questioned whether this would be the case.

Speaking at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2013 World Congress in Detroit, Marchionne brought up the subject the new technologies.  His major critique was against the government adding incentives to the market to convince people to embrace electric cars.

“I believe we should continue to explore the potential of electricity, but without being strong-armed by regulators and in combination with benefits of all other available technologies.”

He continued by adding that he thinks the US should be neutral to technology and has the automakers be the ones that test potentials for alternative fuels.

Currently, the US has a $7,500 federal tax credit for buying a plug-in electric or all-electric vehicle.  While it’s a great incentive to those on the fence about getting one, but the tax credit hasn’t seemed to have made an impact yet.

While Marchionne may not be completely on-board with electric quite yet, it hasn’t stopped the automaker from producing their first all-electric car, the Fiat 500e.  It’s being speculated that Marchionne may be raising warning signs about electrics cars due to the loss the company takes with each vehicle sold.  And that’s after all subsidies.

New technology is difficult to accept especially when it’s taking over for something that’s been ingrained for so long in a products existence.  Only time will tell if electric is the way of the future or if there is something else just wanting to be discovered.

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Mopar Preps for SEMA Show

The end of the month brings some good treats to car-lovers. The SEMA show begins in Las Vegas on October 30th. Running through November 2nd, the show will be the place where Mopar plans to give a show of more than 20 specialized models. Everything from Jeep to Dodge and even Fiat will be getting that extra Mopar touch to look and performance.

Nitrobahn has more details on the unveilings that are being planed by the parts company. No official pictures as of yet, so far the only information given so far are teaser renders of five cars. The cars that will be displayed on full come the SEMA show are the Fiat 500, the Dodge Dart, the 2013 Ram 1500, and the Dodge Charger.

Also planned for the show is a golden Jeep Wrangler that was designed by Devan Ninov. This Mopar designed Jeep will have wide fenders, a Warn winch, and a push-bar in front.

The Dodge Dart looks to be the most exciting of the bunch. The body teased to be a white exterior along with what possibly looks like a functional hood scoop, a carbon fiber front splitter, and a tow hook. There’s a hint that this may just be the SRT version of the Dart due to a red chin spoiler under the bumper.

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the month to see more details when the SEMA show finally begins. Until then, check out our parts and service specials that we offer at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Do some shopping on the Mopar E-Store available on our website. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to see our specials as they happen!