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How to Take Care of Your Ram Truck in the Summer

Ram Trucks Summer Care Advice

With the summer heating up, now is a good time to start practicing some good care habits for your Ram truck. Here is a few tips courtesy from Ram themselves on how to make sure that your Ram survives a hot summer filled with traveling and rough terrain.

Regularly Cleaning It:

By doing this, you clear the truck of any loose particles of sand or dirt that could lead to smaller scratches in the paint as time goes on. Down the line, those damages can lead to rust, so be sure to clean your truck regularly or after a particularly dirty trip. Also, when cleaning the truck, don’t do it in direct sunlight, pick a spot that is shaded to avoid uneven drying.

On the flip side, be sure to take the time to dry. Don’t just leave the truck to dry on its own, do the work yourself. By using a towel, you’ll better remove the dirt and particles from the vehicle.


It can take some time, but by waxing your truck, you’re giving it an added shield against mother nature. Waxing helps make sure that your truck is able to not get scratched up easily by the environment. If you use a higher quality wax, it can even keep the temperature down on the truck’s paint, helping the pain to last longer.

Be Careful of the Sun:

Sun is great and all, but it can cause fading on your truck. This doesn’t mean to avoid driving in the sun, but where you keep it. It is best to park your truck in the shade such as a garage so that the sun doesn’t bake your paint job and cause your vehicle to look worst as the years go on.

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Chrysler Readies 2016 Uconnect System

2016 Uconnect System - BaysideCJD - Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Chrysler’s Uconnect system is one of the most popular in the auto tech world.  It has won numerous auto tech awards and has been a winner with drivers all over.  Not wanting to rest on those achievements, Chrysler is making sure that for 2016, the Uconnect system will continue to be at the top of auto tech world.

One of the coolest new features is the Drag and Drop menu bar.  The driver now has the ability to customize and personalize their touchscreen.  The user can drag icons to make give their favorite apps easier to use and access.  Here is a video FCA released that explains it in more detail:


The next feature is Siri Eyes Free.  This feature is compatible with Iphone 4s and later models and gives the driver a host of hands free options.  With the press of a voice button on the steering wheel, the driver can now use voice commands to send text messages, access music, make phone calls, and start turn-by-turn directions.

Drivers will also be able to use the 2016 Uconnect’s Do Not Disturb feature.  With this mode turned on, the driver to route all incoming calls to voicemail or suppress text messages.  The driver can also use this to set a default or personalize response that is automatically sent out to the people trying to get a hold of you.

Lastly is the SiriusXM Tune Start.  Now drivers can start their music from the beginning of the song when switching from their radio channels.

The new 2016 Uconnect system will be come with an 8.4-inch touchscreen and be available on the Chrysler 200 and 300, Dodge Challenger, Charger, Durango, and Viper, and the Ram 1500, HD, and Chassis Cab.

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The LX Platform Takes Center Stage at Spring Fest

Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger

Dodge was in Irvine, California last weekend for the LX Spring Fest 9, showing off the LX, LC, and LD platforms.

In a video for Dodge’s YouTube channel, Steve Magnante gave a tour of the Dodge models and explained the distinction of LX. Rear-wheel drive vehicles from the 2005 model year were called the LX cars. The Dodge Charger also has rear-wheel drive, but it is different enough to earn its own distinction as part of the LD series. The Dodge Challenger R/T is a two-door vehicle and is four-inches shorter than the other four-door counterparts, so it is distinguished as an LC series.

All of these vehicles come with the HEMI engine and rear-wheel drive, tying them all together under the Dodge brand and as varieties on a platform.

Check out the full video explanation below.

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Undercar Digest: Mopar A/C Compressor Named Top 10 Product

Undercar Digest

Undercar Digest has named Mopar’s re-manufactured air conditioning compressors as a Top 10 product, as voted by their readers.

Mopar’s re-manufactured air conditioning compressors are built for older Chrysler Group models, and seeing that Chrysler Group vehicles are holding up better for a longer time, car owners are holding onto their vehicles for longer. Owners are more likely to replace parts, such as air conditioning compressors, before they trade in for a new model.

Fortunately, Mopar offers re-manufactured engines, transmissions, electrical systems, steering assemblies, brake components, and more, and these product lines are tested and inspected to meet current vehicle requirements, making them even better than the original parts. Last year, Mopar offered hundreds of re-manufactured parts, giving Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram owners the option to hold onto their favorite cars for longer.

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Mopar Augmented Reality App Allows Users to Preview Ram 1500 Upgrades

Mopar App Blog Pic

Mopar is introducing customers to a new way of seeing the parts available on their vehicles.

At the Detroit Auto Show, Mopar unveiled their new augmented reality app. What it will allow users to do is be able to get a visual preview of the parts they will want to purchase for their vehicle. For the time being, the app is only working for the Ram 1500.

It’s a really easy to use and neat app. To use it, all you have to do is go into a Chrysler Group dealerships and point the iPad at the Ram logo on display in the Mopar Custom Shop.

Once activated, the user will have a full image of a Ram 1500. They can rotate and view the basic 1500 and can select various sections to see what parts and upgrades they’d want to buy. The app will show what the part will look like when equipped and how much it will add to the cost of the truck. It’s very user-friendly and easy to use.

Here’s hoping that it catches on so much that the app will expand to be used with many more vehicles in the Chrysler family.

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Chrysler Improves CNG Tank with Human Lung Design

The next development in Chrysler engineering? Is it a new engine? No, it’s not. Maybe the follow-up to the Uconnect? Nope, not that either. Could it be another redesign for a Jeep vehicle? Not at all. The next step in the Chrysler development is the human lung.

With that setup and segway out of the way, let me explain. Chrysler is looking for ways to improve on the current gasoline model of compressed natural gas. For that, the engineers turned to the human lung for reference in making an improvement.

Current tanks are too big and awkward to fit into a vehicle. Typically the tank takes up room in the cargo space. By going with the design of the human lung, Chrysler thinks they’ve solved the problem of space. Like a lung, the new tank will use expanding sacks similar to how alveloi work in a lung. This leads to the tank no longer needing to be cylindrical in shape like traditional tanks.

Chrysler currently offers CNG in the Ram 2500, but if this new technology works as well as they hope, it’s very possible to see more.

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Chrysler Offers One-Year Sirius Subscription on 2014 Models


Sirius Radio and Chrysler have teamed up to give drivers of Chrysler’s newest models access to satellite radio.

Market Watch is reporting that buyers of new 2014 models of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram will be receiving an added bonus on top of the purchase. Sirius radio will extend to them a one year subscription just for buying. This is not some limited subscription either, this is full access to their suite of programming including their premium channels.

Even though it comes with the car, the one year subscription to Sirius that comes with 2014 models is able to leave the vehicle. So at home, in the office, walking to work with the headphones on, each of these will grant continued access to the bargain.

The qualifications for being part of this new deal is that it will be limited to the 2014 models that come with the Uconnect system.

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Mopar “Top Eliminator” Chooses Winner!

Mopar’s 2013 “Top Eliminator” program has chosen New JerseSay what you will about Mopar fans, but one thing that is completely undeniable is their loyalty to the brand.  It’s about showing off that love and loyalty by displaying just how well equipped your ride is.  That’s what Mopar loves to see, their fine work in the hands of fans and so the parts maker put together the “Top Eliminator” program to see the best of the best.

This year’s contest took place at the same place where Chrysler was already making a giant splash by showing off a new concept Ram truck, the Woodward Dream Cruise.

The winner comes from the east coast, a New Jersey resident Bill Mann and his 1970 Dodge Charger.  And what a unique Charger it is with a white-over-Plum exterior.

The other Mopar pick from this year’s contest was Miles Watsko and his 1964 Plymouth Savoy that was held at Midwest Mopars In the Park held in June.

By being a winner, both Mann and Watsko get more than just bragging rights to the rest of the Mopar community.  They also get to be showcased as part of the Woodward Dream Cruise happening this weekend in Detroit.

To read more into the inspiration and work that Mann put into his Dodge Charger, Mopar Muscle Magazine has an extensive breakdown that is a fascinating looking into the work of a gear head on his vehicle.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your current ride, contact our parts and service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge and see what we can do to help give your vehicle a unique flavor.

Could the New Diesel Engine Be in Other Chrysler Vehicles?

2014-Ram-1500-Diesel-engine“I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Plastics.” Or in the case of Chrysler with concern to their upcoming Ram and Grand Cherokee, the word would be “diesel.”

It was a move that many saw coming, mostly because the people in question wanted it very badly to happen. With the upcoming 2014 Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler Group will be making drivers quite happy with the additional option of a diesel engine to choose from.

Chrysler is expecting them to be quite popular. Raffaele DeVivo, the president of VM Motori North America thinks that 30 percent of 1500 buyers will take the optional 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine.

That’s what Chrysler wants to see, demand for the diesel. If they see enough demand, in fact, they are looking to keep expending that engine for use in other vehicles.

“Wherever there is a (Chrysler 3.6-liter) Pentastar, there could be a VM 3.0 liter diesel – Dodge Durango, Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Jeep Wrangler, the minivans,” says DeVivo.

What do you think? Are you planning on purchasing a the optional diesel engine for either the 2014 Ram 1500 or Jeep Grand Cherokee? Would you want to see the engine offered in other Chrysler products?

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