How to Take Care of Your Ram Truck in the Summer

Ram Trucks Summer Care Advice

With the summer heating up, now is a good time to start practicing some good care habits for your Ram truck. Here is a few tips courtesy from Ram themselves on how to make sure that your Ram survives a hot summer filled with traveling and rough terrain.

Regularly Cleaning It:

By doing this, you clear the truck of any loose particles of sand or dirt that could lead to smaller scratches in the paint as time goes on. Down the line, those damages can lead to rust, so be sure to clean your truck regularly or after a particularly dirty trip. Also, when cleaning the truck, don’t do it in direct sunlight, pick a spot that is shaded to avoid uneven drying.

On the flip side, be sure to take the time to dry. Don’t just leave the truck to dry on its own, do the work yourself. By using a towel, you’ll better remove the dirt and particles from the vehicle.


It can take some time, but by waxing your truck, you’re giving it an added shield against mother nature. Waxing helps make sure that your truck is able to not get scratched up easily by the environment. If you use a higher quality wax, it can even keep the temperature down on the truck’s paint, helping the pain to last longer.

Be Careful of the Sun:

Sun is great and all, but it can cause fading on your truck. This doesn’t mean to avoid driving in the sun, but where you keep it. It is best to park your truck in the shade such as a garage so that the sun doesn’t bake your paint job and cause your vehicle to look worst as the years go on.

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