Mopar Limited-Edition Challenger Sells Out in Under a Day

Mopar 2014 Dodge ChallengerThe limited-edition of the Mopar 2014 Dodge Challenger has sold out in less than 24 hours after going on sale.

Only 100 vehicles were available for purchase, making the Mopar 2014 Dodge Challenger the rarest limited-production Challenger ever offered by Dodge. The lucky buyers who managed to snatch up one of the Challengers will be receiving a 2014 Dodge Challenger that has already been given a full Mopar upgrade, including a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine as well as a choice of two exterior color options and three Mopar Blue stripe options. A little more than half of the Mopar Challengers ordered came with the Pitch Black paint while the rest chose Bright White.

Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, spoke about the limited-edition Challenger and the winning combination of Mopar and popular Dodge vehicles, stating, “The very high demand for the Mopar ’14 Challenger spotlights the success of our limited-edition Mopar-modified vehicles, and also clearly demonstrates the passion our customers have for personalizing their rides. Whether during or after the ordering process, Mopar is there to help put a personal touch on customers’ rides.”

Buyers who missed their chance at the Mopar 2014 Challenger can still purchase a 2014 Dodge Challenger and upgrade it with Mopar parts and accessories, but those Challengers will not come directly from the factory with the upgrades already in place.

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Chrysler Proves Their All-Wheel Drive is the Best

2013-chrysler-300--glacier-edition(4)-600-001When you brag about the capabilities of your vehicle, there comes the time to stand up or shut up. Chrysler has been telling folks for a long time about the quality of their all-wheel drive for some time. They’re tired of just telling people, though, and are ready to prove that they aren’t pulling any legs.

So how do you prove such a thing? By taking your cars to the one of the snowiest cities in the country. That city is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan and is named Houghton. Chrysler brought with them the 2013 Dodge Charger and the new Chrysler 300 Glacier edition to run the gauntlet.

Drivers made sure that both vehicles were put to the test. What they found was that the vehicles handled beautifully under the severe road conditions. Even at high speeds, the cars were able to slalom on an snow covered road. Here’s the video they put out to show how well the cars handled themselves:

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Mopar EVTS Gives Parents of Teen Drivers a Peace of Mind

For parents of teen drivers, there are a mountain of worries, and the safety of their teen is never far from their mind. What if they are driving too fast? Are they really going over to a friend’s house? What if they forget to lock the doors and someone steals the car? What if they get in an accident? No device, gadget, or add-on can ever guarantee that teen drivers will stay safe on the road, but Mopar’s EVTS system can alleviate some of those worries and keep teens safer.

Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System, or EVTS, is a GPS tracking system which allows the car owner to set speed and distance parameters, and when those parameters are exceeded, the owner receives a text message. For example, a parent can set up the system for their teen driver and set the speed parameter to the highest speed limit in their town. If the teen decides to speed, the parent will get a text message alert. Also, if a teen is grounded and banned from going to hang out with friends, the parent can set the parameters as the area covering their teen’s route from home to school and to their job if they have one. Once again, if the teen drives outside those parameters, the parent will receive a text message alert.

In addition to keeping tabs of their teen’s driving, parents can track down the car if it is stolen. Mopar has kept the process simple and user-friendly. If the car goes missing, the owner can log into their account and pinpoint the location of their car. From there, the proper authorities can use that information to recover the vehicle quickly.

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