The Safety of a Jeep Wrangler Saves a Life

Picture Courtesy of FCA Corporate Blog

It is an odd thing to have a car story that revolves around an accident, but Fiat-Chrysler featured a story on their blog that highlights a survivor’s story of a Jeep Wrangler saving someone’s live in an accident.

Safety in always a major talking point of every vehicle.  What isn’t talked about as often is how those safety features save people’s lives in real-world accidents.  Case in point is the case of Todd Garrison and his son Elijah in Cincinnati.  Todd Garrison is a Jeep fan and insisted that his son use a 2003 Jeep Wrangler.  Turns out, it was one of the best decisions he could make for his son.

“Elijah was driving to work Saturday morning [on Dec.5] when his (passenger) side tire got off the road and he over corrected.  When his driver side tire hit the grass, it struck a tree stump, causing his passenger side bumper to dig into the ground.  That flipped him over, twisting to the passenger side rear bumper and exploded the hard top.”

“His Wrangler then flipped over again over the passenger side and windshield portion of the roll cage where it went airborne.  It landed on all four tires facing the opposite direction that he was traveling in someone’s driveway.”

Even with that vicious description, the incredible thing is that Elijah emerged from the crash with only a mild concussion.  Judging from the photo included in the blog, it’s incredible to see that he was able to walk away.  As the title says, it’s unbelievable he was alright.  Something to bear in mind when shopping just how important safety is.  And that it is a good selling point for a Jeep.

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