Chrysler SRT Planning New Models

The Chrysler SRT division has been making a big name for itself of late. The line-up they have been presenting this year is nothing short of impressive. From the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 to the Dodge Charger SRT8, they have been giving Chrysler models some added boosts in performance and style. The only thing that SRT really hasn’t done of late is make an original model. They have recently been handed full control of the new 2013 Dodge Viper, but the company is looking to branch out some more.

In order to build their brand, SRT is starting to play with the idea of creating original creations. The Viper will be the first out of the door, with a new model in the planning phase. The one they are still imagining is a Mustang/Camaro that is being referred to as the Barracuda. This new vehicle is being styled to replace the Dodge Challenger.

Two cars isn’t enough though. is reporting that SRT is looking to add a third model to their line-up. It’s all just rumors and speculation at this point, but the one that seems to be picking up steam is a possible revival of the Dodge Demon roadster. As of right now, anything is possible, but with the recent showings of the SRT line-up, I can only imagine that it’s going to be stellar.

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