Share Your Mopar Story and Win

Mopar is the word that comes to car buyers mind when they think about giving their car a little flair. It’s the most notorious name out there for car enthusiast and it’s the go-to place to get some extra power put under the hood. The name appears on more than 500,000 parts and accessories and they are distributed to more than 120 different countries, from Brazil to China. Building the car of your dreams from scratch or just needing a small part, Mopar is where you turn to. Now, Mopar wants to see what you’ve been doing with all their gear.

They want to see what the customers have been up to. They want you to share the story of your handiwork. The “Top Eliminator” program is set to find the biggest Mopar enthusiast and their modified vehicle. If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend any of the three live events, don’t worry, you can now go online to Facebook to enter.

Head over to the Mopar Facebook page and click on the “Top Eliminator” tab. Every person who enters will need to tell the story of their vehicle and don’t leave out the details on just what work went into the creation. Be sure to make note of where Mopar came into the tale. Get your submission in by October 8th when the judges will be grading them to find the top ten. After that process is completed, Fans will be given the chance from October 15-21st to vote. On the 22nd, a champion will be crowned.

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Navigation Systems In Cars Could Quadruple by 2019

I never understood the reason for a navigation system until moving out to New York.  After just spending a few hours driving around lost and weary in the middle of the city, there’s nothing I wouldn’t have given for a little screen telling me where I needed to go.  Now I see the point about why GPS systems in a car have been so increasingly popular.

The units have also grown in sales due to the fact that the technology is starting to drop in terms of pricing.  It’s becoming easier and easier to get a hold of any level of a navigational equipment for a decent price.  That’s caused more major makers into the field, from Microsoft to Apple.  It’s definitely starting to become a must-have in any car purchase.  To that end, is reporting that a new study is showing car navigation systems are expecting to quadruple by 2019.

Places like China will be the ones to make the most gains, going from sales of 355,000 to 11.8 million by the time 2019 comes to pass.  The study doesn’t just stop with that prediction.  They see the traditional DVD-based tech being replaced by inexpensive in-car systems and with smart-phone based systems.   How the market deals with this will be interesting, seeing if makers like Garmin and TomTom can survive this.

You may already see the start of that with a brand new car release of this year.  The 2013 Dodge Dart will come with the option to have a Garmin navigation system built in.

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