How to Maintain Tires Properly


It is time again for the winter season and that means getting the car ready for the colder weather. There’s plenty of things to check inside and out on your car to make sure it is ready for a mild or rough winter. One part of the car that can be overlooked in the process, however, is the tires. Having a proper amount of air is a big deal with a car and can really effect things such as fuel economy. It is something that many drivers put off and we’re here to help you know when it is time to check the air in your tires.

The first thing you need to know is what the proper inflation amount is. Check online and/or with your vehicle’s owner manual. Don’t use the number on the tires as this is not the recommend pressure for inflation but rather the maximum inflation. Trust what your car’s owner manual says, not the tire.

Eye-balling is not a helpful thing to do with trying to figure out if a tire is low. Invest in a tire-pressure gauge so you can know the exact amount of air inside of the tire.

From there, get your car to a place where you can refill the air in the tires and keep a read on the inside pressure and make sure it matches with the recommended amount. This is also a good time to check your spare tire as that tends to get forgotten when most people check the air on their tires. Always make sure the spare is ready for duty should the worst come to pass.

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