Viper SRT Race Results

We reported on the 2013 SRT Viper GTS-R going to the races. Dodge wanted to see just how the Viper would handle itself. As Bill Riley, owner of Riley Motorsports and Riley Technologies, put it, “Our objective is to have a nice clean race. We need to get one under our belts.” The question is now, just how did the Viper perform out on the track?

According to the teams behind the racer, the mission was a success. Both Vipers made their way across the finish line with no problems. The performance of the car even showed improvement throughout the two-hour, 45-minute timed event. One of the Vipers even made it to the top-10.

Gary Johnson, Road Racing Manger of SRT Motorsports, saw a victory in bringing the Viper to the race. “Our first goal was to get through the race without any major problems. We accomplished that. In fact, we were making progress throughout the race. The cars were getting better. The race gives us an opportunity to know where the issues are and where we need to focus.”

Now word yet on when the Vipers are coming back to race. The team is heading back with all the information on how they did in the race and they plan on taking everything into account. They want to ensure that the next time the Viper goes zooming down the race track that it brings out the best it possibly can.

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