Winter Driving Tips


The weather may be less than the usual in terms of winter driving with a lack of snow and ice on the ground but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared in case. New York weather has the tendency to change when least expected. Having a vehicle ready for such changes can mean the difference between being to work on time or getting the whole family to the destination without any incidents. Here is some tips on how to be ready for winter driving.

*Check your tires:
A major things to be sure is ready for the ice and snow. Tires are keeping you on the road and ensuring your have grip when most needed. Check over the tires to see how mean the summer was on them and to see if any of the tread has been lost. Also make sure that the tire is properly inflated.

There is nothing worse than being caught in a snowstorm with broken wiper blades or lack of wiper fluid. Ensure that the fluid is filled to maximum as there will be a lot used to clean up the mess of snow and dirt that always ends up on the windshield. Be sure that the wiper blades are functioning properly and are properly wiping away the grime. If not, now is the best time to pick up some new ones.

This is something to help both you and the other drivers. Headlights should be cleaned and providing plenty of light to see through any flurries. This will also make sure that if someone is having a tough time seeing on the road, they’ll be able to make out your headlights on the road ahead and can avoid a collision. Headlights and taillights should be bright and clean for the winter.

*Be aware:
There’s only so much that technology can do to help protect us on the road. At some point, it does fall on the driver to be ready for the random things that can occur. They are the ones to be on the look out for black ice or to know how to properly steer during a spin-out. A driver who is going to be out during bad weather must be aware of how to handle driving emergencies when they happen.

As always, there are plenty more that we didn’t get to that can be done to better a vehicle in preparation of the winter weather. These are simply ones that are very common and most drivers don’t take handle until after they become a problem. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself being proactive and having much better chances to have good travel during the winter.

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Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter

September seems to be the start of some nicer weather as fall may finally be upon us New Yorkers. For car owners, that means it’s time to start thinking ahead and making sure that their car is ready for the cooler weather that’s ahead. Mopar has a check-list to go down for the smart owner wanting to make sure they are ready for the winter. Here’s just a few of the important items they recommend on

First on the check-list is brakes. Any traveling for business or pleasure during the hot days and nights of summer can give your brake pads a heavy workout. This causes the thin layers to get removed. That means it’s a good time to make sure that that pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hardware, and parking break haven’t suffered any major wear and tear.

Next on the list is the car’s tires. Make sure to give them a long look-over and be on the look-out for uneven and irregular wear on the tread and the sidewall areas of the tires. If you see any excessive edge wear, center wear, and shoulder wear, this is an early indicator for any trouble that could be on other spots of the vehicle. Don’t forget that you check the air pressure to prevent premature wear and give yourself a better fuel economy. Make sure that your spare tire gets the same attention, just in case.

The next part of your car that needs evaluating is the battery. The summer doesn’t treat car batteries too well with the extreme heat we’ve been having. That leads to causing failure in the winter and the last thing any driver wants is to have a dead battery in the middle of a snow storm. Make sure the battery doesn’t have any corroded terminals and there’s no bulging and the case isn’t cracked. It may just be time to replace that battery.

The next piece of your car to pay attention to is one that doesn’t come instantly to people’s thoughts and that’s the wiper blades. It’s a nightmare to be driving through severe weather, such as heavy snowfall, and now have a good pair of wipers keeping your vision clear on the road. Perfect time for a reminder that Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge is currently having a “Buy One Get One Free” special on wiper blades.

Engine oil is very important important to bear in mind. It’s always something to be aware of and to make sure that you are up to date on your oil changes. Low or dirty fluids cause the engine to be potentially damaged under extreme conditions. In that the same vein, make sure that all the car’s fluids and lubricants are checked and changed properly. It’s definitely a good time to make sure your key fluids, antifreeze, power-steering, brake, transmission, and windshield washer fluids, are topped off and good.

Last on the check-list is your headlights and taillights. The days are shorter in the fall and winter and that means your lights will be seeing more use. Make sure that your inspected them all to ensure proper function and alignment.

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