Meet the 1968 Dodge Daytona, Star of Fast and Furious 6

fast-and-furious-6-daytona-brown-wIt’s an exciting week for car lovers. The new Fast & Furious movie is finally out and is packed to the brim with outrageous stunts featuring the most powerful cars on the market. The films have always been about showing off which cool and exotic muscle cars they were able to find and crash onscreen, but one in the new film really stood out against the whole of the franchise. That would be Vin Diesel’s 1968 Dodge Daytona.

The lucky writers at Popular Hot Rodding got a call from the Fast and Furious team for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to check out the Daytona and the other muscle cars assembled for the action flick.  Like any one would in their situation, they screamed in joy at this opportunity. They certainly didn’t come back disappointed.

The entire article is a fascinating read into the work that is done on a car before it gets in front of a camera. It’s not as simple as picking it up off the lot and driving it out for the stunt drivers to film with. Dennis McCarthy is the owner of Vehicle Effects and gets all the shiny cars for the movie crew to work with. He detailed the work that went into getting the Daytona, and a lot of Dodge Chargers, ready for its close-up.

From giving it a pretty and movie-quality exterior to a ton of work on the engines to make sure that the cars could be pushed to their limits for some of the stunts. Thanks to the custom engines they inserted, all the cars were able to endure six months of heavy stunt-work and not once did they suffer engine failure.

Read the whole thing for a complete break-down of all the work and to see a ton of photos of the star Dodge Daytona. It’s amazing to see the magic that Hollywood can work on their cars without having to resort to creating complete CGI scenes.

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