Is Your Car Ready for the Cold?

Winter just doesn’t want to go away.  Cold weather has been hanging around for so long that I’m starting to wonder if we’ve just entered the world of Day After Tomorrow.  The tidal wave could come any moment.  That means that it is time to make sure that your car can contend with the continuous cold and survive until the New York summer gets here.  Survive the cold that is, I don’t think you can tidal wave-proof your vehicle.

Check your vehicle’s antifreeze.  Low temperatures can do some serious damage to your vehicle.  Make sure the antifreeze is at the right amount to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Also know what the effectiveness of your antifreeze is so that you are aware of the safe temperature range it has.

Inspect the vehicle’s hoses.  Pop the hood and look over the hoses.  Check for bumps or soft spots in the hoses.  If there are any cracks or issues, it can cause damage to your engine at the worst possible moment.  Not that there is any such thing as the right possible moment for an engine to break down.

Look at your air pressure and the treat on the tires.  This is what will be keeping you on the road during the cold.  A classic test for the tire tread is by using a penny.  Put the currency in the groove and see if the Lincoln Memorial is covered.  If not, time to contact a service center about getting some better tires.

Check the battery.  Colder weather can provide one mean workout to a battery.  If it is already weakened, then a winter this cold could be the final straw.

There’s plenty of more tips to keep in mind in confronting a new cold front coming into the New York area.  Check out some more here.

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