3-D Printers Help Chrysler Engineers Innovate

Car Axle

Technology is a neat thing.

Yes, the imaginary audience shakes their head to such a generic statement, technology is a wonderful thing.  What I mean by this is that the advent of 3-D printing is going to be capable of helping engineers do some amazing things they couldn’t do before.  We’ve been seeing this tech put to medical use and even at NASA.  Chrysler engineers have been using 3-D printing to help them figure out how to improve their vehicles, in particular the axles.

By using the printers, the engineers were able to make clear plastic versions of the axles and other parts to get a more clear (no pun intended) picture of what was going on.  This is a major improvement over the previous method of using a dynamometer viewed through a window in the part.

How will this affect the future of vehicles is anyone’s guess.  It will definitely help the engineers as they put together plans for the next generation of Chrysler powertrains.  It is only a matter of time before these kinds of innovations help to create more efficient engines.  First the axles and who knows how else using 3-D printers can help.

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Source: Manufacturing.net

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