Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain


Rain in New York seems to be here one minute, gone the next.  There are days where it seems like it’ll never let up.  We’ve assembled some tips to make sure that when you get caught in a downpour that you can still drive safely.

According to AAA, one thing you will want to avoid is using cruise control.  This will increase the possibility of losing control.  “To prevent loss of traction, the drive may need to reduce the car’s speed by lifting off the accelerator, which cannot be accomplished when cruise control is engaged.”  Like all driving during extreme weather, be it rain or snow, concentrating on driving is the most important.  Cruise control takes away from that concentration.

Without cruise contro, that helps give you control while driving.  That means you can control the speed of the vehicle while approaching stops and other vehicles.  With this, you can avoid hyroplanning.  Even at speeds as low as 35 mph, you can still lose control on a roadway.

To avoid this happening, it’s all about control and speed.  You will want to not step hard on the brake and do not make any sharp turns.  By leaving plenty of safe space between you and the other cars, this is not too difficult to accomplish.

If you do find yourself losing control, you will want to remain calm to get back from a skid.  Do not slam on the brakes in this situation, it will actually make the car harder to control.  Focus on where you want the car to go and to face and try to steer in that direction.  Hopefully, this will help you get out of the skid without an accident.

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