Mopar Road Ready Returns for 2016


What a better way to learn about how to drive than from the master drivers at Dodge?

Mopar and Dodge are putting together a special program to help teen drivers learn how to be safe on the road.  The “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” program will give teenage drivers the necessary skills to be safe while learning how to drive.  It’s been a successful program in the past and is returning in 2016 for five two-day events in four different locations in the US.

“We are excited to continue the ‘Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge’ program in 2016 and to assist in training even more teens on the skills they need to stay safe behind the wheel,” said Pietro Gorlier, the Head of Parts and Service at Mopar.  “By teaming up with Dodge brand and through sponsorship from the FCA foundation, we are empowering new drivers with education and experience that will last a lifetime.”

The program is aimed at teenagers from the ages of 15 to 19 with a learner’s or driver’s license and at least 30 hours of driving experience.  The program consists of a classroom review of core driving topics such as proper seat position, hand positioning, and vehicle dynamics.  Once the teens get behind the wheel, they will get on-track course sessions that teach accident avoidance and other techniques.

The ‘Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge’ program will be coming to Englishtown, New Jersey April 23rd thru the 24th.  Head here to learn more and to register.

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Getting Ready for Colder Weather


Summer just doesn’t want to go away. The heat has been hanging around for so long that many of us have seemingly forgot that winter is, and should, be coming.  While it may be late, you can still do plenty to prep for when it gets here so that you don’t get caught unaware.

Check your vehicle’s antifreeze.  Low temperatures can do some serious damage to your vehicle.  Make sure the antifreeze is at the right amount to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Also know what the effectiveness of your antifreeze is so that you are aware of the safe temperature range it has.

Inspect the vehicle’s hoses.  Pop the hood and look over the hoses.  Check for bumps or soft spots in the hoses.  If there are any cracks or issues, it can cause damage to your engine at the worst possible moment.  Not that there is any such thing as the right possible moment for an engine to break down.

Look at your air pressure and the treat on the tires.  This is what will be keeping you on the road during the cold.  A classic test for the tire tread is by using a penny.  Put the currency in the groove and see if the Lincoln Memorial is covered.  If not, time to contact a service center about getting some better tires.

Check the battery.  Colder weather can provide one mean workout to a battery.  If it is already weakened, then a winter this cold could be the final straw.

There’s plenty of more tips to keep in mind in confronting a new cold front coming into the New York area.  Check out some more here.

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Pentastar V6 Getting Upgrades for 2016


The Pentastar engine has one of the biggest legacies at the automaker.  It has a rich history and has long been one of the top engines in the US market.  For 2016, Chrysler is aiming to take the Pentastar V6 to a newer level with their engineers working on getting some improvements out of the classic V6.

According to Green Car Reports, Chrysler is having their engineers work to get the Pentastar V6 engine to have improved fuel economy for the 2016 model year.  Much of the work will go towards helping their vehicles meet newer and stricter fuel economy mandates.

To get the V6 to this new level, some changes and improvements have been made, such as a weight reduction thanks to component redesign and new enhancements like cooled exhaust-gas recirculation.  With these, the Pentastar V6 should see an improvement in both torque and fuel-economy.

In the upcoming years, the EPA will be increasing the regulations on engines.  Chrysler is going to have to continue with this line of upgrades in order to keep up with increasing regulations.

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Chrysler Improves CNG Tank with Human Lung Design

The next development in Chrysler engineering? Is it a new engine? No, it’s not. Maybe the follow-up to the Uconnect? Nope, not that either. Could it be another redesign for a Jeep vehicle? Not at all. The next step in the Chrysler development is the human lung.

With that setup and segway out of the way, let me explain. Chrysler is looking for ways to improve on the current gasoline model of compressed natural gas. For that, the engineers turned to the human lung for reference in making an improvement.

Current tanks are too big and awkward to fit into a vehicle. Typically the tank takes up room in the cargo space. By going with the design of the human lung, Chrysler thinks they’ve solved the problem of space. Like a lung, the new tank will use expanding sacks similar to how alveloi work in a lung. This leads to the tank no longer needing to be cylindrical in shape like traditional tanks.

Chrysler currently offers CNG in the Ram 2500, but if this new technology works as well as they hope, it’s very possible to see more.

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Mopar Readies Their Limited Edition 2013 Dodge Dart

Chrysler Group LLC introduces limited-edition Mopar ’13 Dart.The Dart may have to wait until next summer to enjoy being turbo-charged to appear on screens in the new Fast and Furious film, but that isn’t stopping Mopar from giving it a makeover in time for this season.

But sadly, this Mopar-ization comes with a limit.  Only 500 of the them will reach sales floors.  Dealerships are taking pre-orders now to get them in the hands of the lucky few who really want them.

The lucky ones get their hands on a truly unique ride.  The outside is given the Mopar standard paint job of being coated in black with a cool blue racing stripe stretching from the front to the rear of the Dart.  This is the same paint scheme that’s been used previously whenever the parts maker has gotten their hands on a vehicle, such as the Dodge Charger or the Challenger.

That same quality of design is evident in the interior as well.  The seats are done up with Katzkin leather.  And the rest of the cabin’s look is similar to the exterior with blue accents on a predominately black theme on the driver’s seat, the steering wheel, and the instrument paneling.

Mopar is notorious for the power of their product and it only makes sense that whenever they take a vehicle, such as the Dart, under their wing, that they prove why they’re considered one of the best in the business.  The engine is a Multiair turbocharged 1.4-liter four cylinder.  It also has six-speed manual transmission.

The limited edition Dart also comes with the 8.4-inch Uconnect screen and system, wireless charger, premium Mopar floor mats, and a sport-pedal kit.

For bragging rights, the list of features goes beyond what’s in and on the car.  The 500 individuals who purchase the limited edition will also get a personalized plate that has the vehicles specifications as well as a unique identification number and production date.  The last piece of the proverbial pie is a sketch of the car signed by Mark Trostle who is the Chief Designer for Mopar.

Not too shabby of a deal for a limited edition that has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $25,485.

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