Summer Maintenance Tips: Air Conditioner


The summer heat is hard enough to deal with, imagine doing it with an A/C that isn’t properly working.  With July almost over, that doesn’t mean the heat is going away.  Here is some tips on making sure you’re A/C is working properly during the summer so that it can keep you cool through the heat waves.

The biggest issue with a car’s air conditioning is that the driver doesn’t have as much control over maintenance as with other aspects of the vehicle.  If you suspect there is something wrong with your air conditioning that is a sign to get it in as soon as you can to a service department for someone to work on it.  An easy way to quickly identify a problem is just to feel the air coming out.  If it isn’t as cold as it should be, or even cold at all, it is a clear problem.

If the A/C is not working, there is a more important reason to have it fixed than simply comfort.  A failing air conditioning on a vehicle can impact the car.  The serpentine belt also powers other parts of the car, such as the water pump that keeps the engine from overheating.  If the A/C isn’t working right, this could cause your vehicle to overheat and nothing good comes from that.

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Get Your Car Ready for Summer with this Checklist


Winter is finally leaving New York and the following spring looks to be a short one before a proper New York summer hits.  After all the work you put into getting your vehicle ready for a long snowy winter, what can you do to get it ready for the extreme heat that will be upon us in the city soon?

First up, check your windshield wipers.  With all the cold weather and ice the city went through this past winter, there is a good chance it caused some damage to your wipers.  You needed them ready in the snow and you need them just as much with the rain.  Getting them replaced so you don’t have to fight to see during a downpour will save you a headache and a call to the towing truck.

Next, give your battery a look.  Winter can do a number on batteries, causing some nasty corrosion to build up.  Take a look at all the connectors and make sure you don’t see any issues.  If you see any issue, contact a service center for them to look at and maybe even get yourself a new battery.

How is your coolant?  This is something you’re going to want to know due to the heat that is coming.  Your engine will be getting a beatdown and the coolant needs to be working to avoid some nasty business.  Now may be a good time for you to bring in your vehicle for a flush-and-fill.

Lastly, check your air conditioning.  With the heat that is on the way, you want to make sure this is working.  Make certain that you don’t need to add any refrigerant to help keep yourself cool.  It’ll be good to test it out more to make sure there isn’t a leak or any other issues wrong with it.  When that temperature spikes, you’ll want this working properly.

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Keeping Your Vehicle Running During Summer


New York is already midway through the summer and the heat is just unbearable.  Few things can wreak havoc on a vehicle like a summer heat wave here in the city.  It is best to prepare to face the worst as the humidity and temperature rise, so here are a few tips to help ensure your vehicle’s survival this summer.

That’s sort of misleading since the first place to start has more to do with the driver than with the car.  A car’s air conditioning will help you survive the worst heat in the summer.  Treat it right and make sure you don’t get yourself stuck in traffic on a 90 degree in what would be described as a metal can.

An air conditioning in your car isn’t something that is easy for the average driver to find out if something is working.  That’s why it is best to have it handled by the professionals, such as those at (plug) Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge.  In fact, (2nd plug) the dealership’s service department is running a special for the month to help drivers and their air conditioners.

Get your air conditioning checked out for $129.95.

We?ll continue to look at more tips for getting your vehicle ready for summer heat as the weeks go on.  Remember that you can schedule a time to be seen by the service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge by going to our service tab on the website.  You can also keep up with your service appointments by downloading our mobile app to view details in real time on your vehicle when brought in for a service appointment.

Summer Maintenance Tips: Oil Changes


Last week we covered a summer maintenance tip of checking to make sure tires are ready for the heat.  The next step in the maintenance check-list for the summer is the vehicle’s oil and oil filter.

To use an analogy, the oil in your car is akin to the blood running through your system.  It is a necessary thing to keep the vehicle going smoothly.  Unlike blood, however, oil needs to be swapped out and changed for cleaner oil.

The majority of owner manuals recommend an oil change every 7,500 miles.  For people who change oil for living, like yours truly at the dealership’s service department, we recommend that the oil is changed every 3,000 miles or every three months.  The reason for this is due to the driving that happens during summer to be harder on the engine thanks to the extreme heat.

To start the process in checking your oil, let your car run for a little bit.  Make sure it is parked on a level surface and then turn off the engine.  Crack open that hood and find out where your oil dipstick is.  Use that to measure two things, the level of the oil and the appearance of it.  For how it looks, the oil should be a brownish yellow and clean on the stick.  If you notice any dirt then it is time for an oil change.

Keeping oil changes on schedule and up to date will do a lot to benefit the car’s life-span.  Keep track of each time your get an oil change and turn either doing it yourself or bringing it into a service center to get it changed.  Another habit to get into is checking the oil right before any major trips, such as a family vacation.

That’s it for this week’s summer maintenance check-list tip.  Stay tuned for more!

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