“The Orange Monster”- A 1965 Dodge Coronet Wins Mopar Racing Event


Some people catch the love of cars at a young age.  In the case of Bill Campbell, he was bitten a long time ago and it has since blossomed into a making him responsible for winning the Mopar At the Strip racing event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When he was just a teenager, Campbell was already collecting spare parts to use in rebuilding cars.  But he only worked with Dodge and Chrysler products.  His first restoration project was a 1964 Dodge Polara 500.  He would then bring his family and friends in on his hobby.  Together, they spruced up a 1965 Dodge Coronet and dubbed it the “Orange Monster” for the race.

They placed first in a 16-car field for the Nostalgic SuperStock/AFX category.  Their winning time was 10.7 seconds, the Monster reaching the finish line at 123 miles per hour.

Bill is quoted by the Chino Valley Review as to why he enjoys Mopar racing.  “For the thrill of it,” Bill said, grinning. “At the start when it pulls the wheels three feet off the ground – the only other thing that smells that good is when you spin the tires and burn rubber. It’s an ‘E-ticket’ ride (former Disneyland designation for big thrill rides).”

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Jeep Sand Trooper Ready for SEMA

The SEMA show is going to be one of the hottest auto events of the year. Mopar has been steadily releasing more and more information about the new rides they will be presenting to the world in Las Vegas. One of the best named vehicles that Mopar is giving the special treatment to is the Jeep Sand Trooper.

The moment you take a peek at the Jeep Sand Trooper, it’s clear where this beast belongs. The full dusty yellow body would look at home on any desert across the world. The exterior hosts a series of black accents that include the front and rear off-road bumpers, grille, fuel-filler door, and black door-sill guards. Combining it with other Mopar options, such as a Warn winch and LED off-road lights, give the impression that this is a Jeep meant to be out in the thick of the roughest environments.

In order to make sure that the Sand Trooper can tackle the places it’ll surely be taken to, Mopar has taken the necessary steps to ensure that it holds up. First off, the engine that the Jeep has under the hood is a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8. It also comes with 42-inch Super Swamper Bogger tires.

Mopar is bringing out the big guns for sure. Every car design they have displayed in advance of the SEMA show has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s clear that when Mopar puts their name on anything, from parts to cars, it’s the mark of unrivaled quality.

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