Mopar Augmented Reality App Allows Users to Preview Ram 1500 Upgrades

Mopar App Blog Pic

Mopar is introducing customers to a new way of seeing the parts available on their vehicles.

At the Detroit Auto Show, Mopar unveiled their new augmented reality app. What it will allow users to do is be able to get a visual preview of the parts they will want to purchase for their vehicle. For the time being, the app is only working for the Ram 1500.

It’s a really easy to use and neat app. To use it, all you have to do is go into a Chrysler Group dealerships and point the iPad at the Ram logo on display in the Mopar Custom Shop.

Once activated, the user will have a full image of a Ram 1500. They can rotate and view the basic 1500 and can select various sections to see what parts and upgrades they’d want to buy. The app will show what the part will look like when equipped and how much it will add to the cost of the truck. It’s very user-friendly and easy to use.

Here’s hoping that it catches on so much that the app will expand to be used with many more vehicles in the Chrysler family.

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Chrysler Looks to Change Car Repair

ID-1003906With 2013 we’re one step closer to the future. I feel the appropriate joke to make at the moment is to ask where my flying car is. One thing that is undergoing a major change in the coming year will be how your car gets serviced. Chrysler is leading the way in bringing a new way of having your car looked at.

Detroit News lays out just how much a difference you going to be seeing when you pull your car in to the service department. You’ll now be greeted by someone with an iPad in hand. They’ll plug the device into your vehicle and be able to see all the important information for it. Everything from how much air pressure is in your tires to seeing any recalls in effect for any parts currently on your car.

Chrysler is wanting to keep ahead of the competition by having the tech edge. “We hope it will increase the customer experience and increase the loyalty of our customers,” says Pietro Gorlier, president of Mopar. “We believe it is a real competitive advantage for our dealers.”

The new system will operate with a cloud system that the iPad connects to. Once the technician has the vehicle all hooked up, all the information linked to the car on the cloud will be at his instant access. It will lead to a much better customer experience and a more thorough diagnosis for any problems.

Chrysler is still getting everything to work the way they want it to. They want this technology in all their dealerships before the end of 2013. The march of progress is always fascinating, and in this case, is a welcome improvement for the consumer.

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