Chrysler Improves CNG Tank with Human Lung Design

The next development in Chrysler engineering? Is it a new engine? No, it’s not. Maybe the follow-up to the Uconnect? Nope, not that either. Could it be another redesign for a Jeep vehicle? Not at all. The next step in the Chrysler development is the human lung.

With that setup and segway out of the way, let me explain. Chrysler is looking for ways to improve on the current gasoline model of compressed natural gas. For that, the engineers turned to the human lung for reference in making an improvement.

Current tanks are too big and awkward to fit into a vehicle. Typically the tank takes up room in the cargo space. By going with the design of the human lung, Chrysler thinks they’ve solved the problem of space. Like a lung, the new tank will use expanding sacks similar to how alveloi work in a lung. This leads to the tank no longer needing to be cylindrical in shape like traditional tanks.

Chrysler currently offers CNG in the Ram 2500, but if this new technology works as well as they hope, it’s very possible to see more.

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