Getting Ready for the Cold


The cold should be coming soon to New York.  Hopefully, maybe, it just may.  It will happen eventually, and now may be the best time to make sure your car is ready for it.  Here is some useful things you can do to help your car when it comes time to turn on the heater.

  • Check your vehicle’s antifreeze.  Low temperatures can do some serious damage to your vehicle.  Make sure the antifreeze is at the right amount to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Also know what the effectiveness of your antifreeze is so that you are aware of the safe temperature range it has.
  • Inspect the vehicle’s hoses.  Pop the hood and look over the hoses.  Check for bumps or soft spots in the hoses.  If there are any cracks or issues, it can cause damage to your engine at the worst possible moment.  Not that there is any such thing as the right possible moment for an engine to break down.
  • Look at your air pressure and the treat on the tires.  This is what will be keeping you on the road during the cold.  A classic test for the tire tread is by using a penny.  Put the currency in the groove and see if the Lincoln Memorial is covered.  If not, time to contact a service center about getting some better tires.
  • Check the battery.  Colder weather can provide one mean workout to a battery.  If it is already weakened, then a winter this cold could be the final straw.

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Summer Maintenance Checklist


Summer came hard and quick to New York and it’s best to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the oncoming heat.  Here is a list of things to bear in mind when getting ready for summer.

  • Engine, Belts, Hoses, & Fuel Filter:

You will want to replace belts and hoses on a regular basis helps to avoid a breakdown or engine damage.  Replacing the fuel filter will make sure that your engine is running properly and will maximize your fuel economy.

  • Tires:

Check the air pressure for all of your tires.  That includes the spare.  If the pressure is off, that can lead to premature ware.  That, in turn, leads to decreasing your fuel mileage.

  • Brakes:

Brakes are used frequently throughout a single day.  Every time the brakes are applied, a thin layer of the pad disintegrates.  Make sure you inspect and replace those pads to ensure proper performance.

  • Oil:

Make sure your engine oil level is checked often and changed and refilled on a regular basis.  If the oil is dirty or too low, you can experience engine problems.  Not something you want happening to you in New York summers.

  • Air Filter:

Replacing a dirty filter will help protect your engine from airborne contaminants.  The car will get better air flow.  That helps decrease on fuel consumption.

  • Fluid Levels:

Dirty fluids have an impact on the performance of your vehicle and can lead to breakdowns.  Make sure you’re checking that everything is filled to the proper levels and on a regular interval.

  • Battery:

It’s been a rough winter and that meant some rough cold-morning starts.  Make sure there’s no corroded terminals or cracks on the case.  It’s never fun to have a battery fail in the middle of the city.

  • Wiper Blades:

Spring brings with it plenty of storms.  Don’t get caught in the rain with broken wipers.  You never want to have to fight to see through a downpour.

  • Headlamps, Tail Lamps, Turn Signals, & Hazard Lights:

Always make sure your lights are in proper working order to avoid two things, accidents and the cops pulling you over for a citation.

Bring your vehicle into our service department and we’ll give it the look over to ensure it’s ready to face the on-coming weather.  Best to get it out of the way before your vehicle develops problems on a road-side and your great vacation out of state has turned into a few hours waiting for the tow truck.

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Summer Maintenance Tips: Hoses & Belts


Last week we covered taking care to look after the oil in your vehicle.  This week continues the check-list for summer maintenance by staying inside the hood.  Now that the oil is taken care of, let’s see how the belts and hoses are doing.

If I was able to compare the oil to the blood of a body, then the belts and hoses would be the skeleton and muscle system.  And the veins…really we should just drop this whole thing, it’s getting too confusing.  Anyhoo, hoses in a vehicle are made to get things where they need to go.  The specific place we’ll be looking at is the radiator as well as the coolant.  These hoses are meant to make sure your car stays cool in the summer heat.

To start with, it’s time to pop open the hood again and do a visual and physical examination of the engine and the hoses.  Look for cracks or loose connections.  Check if the hose is firm, it should not be soft or easily malleable.  The last thing any driver wants is for one of these to spring a leak or come loose during a drive.  That can lead to the car overheating and putting you on the side of the road waiting for a pick-up.

Do the same for the belts in the vehicle.  Check them over for cracks or any other forms of damage.  These are another piece of equipment you do not want failing at the worst possible time.

If you need to get your vehicle’s hoses and belts inspected, then contact us at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge’s service center.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter to see our monthly deals and service specials.

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