Uconnect up for Tech of the Year Award!

The new technology that Chrysler is placing in all of its upcoming models is really getting people excited. So much so that AOL Autos Technology of the Year Award has placed the Uconnect system as one of the 6 finalist.

The Uconnect has numerous features that have made it so popular with drivers. The ability to look at a monthly health report for your car is one. Another is being able to have your voice translated into text. It can even adjust the music you’re listening to so that you can hear the driving directions being relayed to you from the GPS or if someone is calling you on the phone in order to hear better.

The competition this wonderful new tech is going up against includes Audi, Cadillac, and Ford. Honda’s “LaneWatch” and Nissan’s tire pressure monitor and refiller are also wanting to take the win away from Chrysler.

Chrysler recognizes this as a big chance for the company to show just how important the new tech is. They are urging fans of Uconnect to go and vote for them.  The winner will be announced on January 9th at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Navigation Systems In Cars Could Quadruple by 2019

I never understood the reason for a navigation system until moving out to New York.  After just spending a few hours driving around lost and weary in the middle of the city, there’s nothing I wouldn’t have given for a little screen telling me where I needed to go.  Now I see the point about why GPS systems in a car have been so increasingly popular.

The units have also grown in sales due to the fact that the technology is starting to drop in terms of pricing.  It’s becoming easier and easier to get a hold of any level of a navigational equipment for a decent price.  That’s caused more major makers into the field, from Microsoft to Apple.  It’s definitely starting to become a must-have in any car purchase.  To that end, is reporting that a new study is showing car navigation systems are expecting to quadruple by 2019.

Places like China will be the ones to make the most gains, going from sales of 355,000 to 11.8 million by the time 2019 comes to pass.  The study doesn’t just stop with that prediction.  They see the traditional DVD-based tech being replaced by inexpensive in-car systems and with smart-phone based systems.   How the market deals with this will be interesting, seeing if makers like Garmin and TomTom can survive this.

You may already see the start of that with a brand new car release of this year.  The 2013 Dodge Dart will come with the option to have a Garmin navigation system built in.

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Mopar EVTS Gives Parents of Teen Drivers a Peace of Mind

For parents of teen drivers, there are a mountain of worries, and the safety of their teen is never far from their mind. What if they are driving too fast? Are they really going over to a friend’s house? What if they forget to lock the doors and someone steals the car? What if they get in an accident? No device, gadget, or add-on can ever guarantee that teen drivers will stay safe on the road, but Mopar’s EVTS system can alleviate some of those worries and keep teens safer.

Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System, or EVTS, is a GPS tracking system which allows the car owner to set speed and distance parameters, and when those parameters are exceeded, the owner receives a text message. For example, a parent can set up the system for their teen driver and set the speed parameter to the highest speed limit in their town. If the teen decides to speed, the parent will get a text message alert. Also, if a teen is grounded and banned from going to hang out with friends, the parent can set the parameters as the area covering their teen’s route from home to school and to their job if they have one. Once again, if the teen drives outside those parameters, the parent will receive a text message alert.

In addition to keeping tabs of their teen’s driving, parents can track down the car if it is stolen. Mopar has kept the process simple and user-friendly. If the car goes missing, the owner can log into their account and pinpoint the location of their car. From there, the proper authorities can use that information to recover the vehicle quickly.

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