Mopar Extends the SEMA Show

Mopar fans know that the SEMA show is when to expect the very best of the company. There’s this sense of it being an early Christmas. The parts maker understands this. SEMA has been notorious for them in the same way the store front is for most retail stores. What is changing this year, however, is the approach Mopar is taking once the curtain falls on the auto event.

SEMA comes but once a year, and when that is over, Mopar packs everything up and heads home. That’s no longer the case, as Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar brand explains, “Every year, we put these dream vehicles on the SEMA show floor for a full week, and then pack up our toys and take them home. This year we weren’t ready for the fun to stop.”

What they did this year was take their trucks for a detour. Instead of taking the concept cars back home, Mopar stopped at L.A. To give car journalists a better look at what stole the SEMA show. Everything from the Jeep Sand Trooper to the Dodge Charger Juiced. It’s not something those who cover the industry are used to, but it did give them an unprecedented at Mopar’s fantastic new special vehicles.

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