Get Your Car Clean for Spring

The weather in New York seems to be finally making the change over from a winter that went on for way too long into a sudden jump in heat.  For many, the concept of ‘spring cleaning’ is in their minds as the seasonal shift begins.  While the idea of spring cleaning is usually associated with the home, the car is an important place to take care now that it is and will be warmer out.

One of the first places to start with caring for the car is cleaning it.  You can visit the car wash and save some time, but for the people planning on handling it themselves for the weekend.  For those people, wants to remind people to wash underneath the car and in the wheel wells.  This will help drivers both clean off the buildup of road salt that most likely occurred during the winter season.  This will also help cut down on the corrosion caused by that buildup and can help prevent rust.

The next place of focus should be the interior.  Spend some time organizing the vehicle, including the glove box and making sure all the paper work is in order and where it needs to be.  Throw away any trash that’s built up and give those seats a good vacuuming to get all the stuff that snuck its way in.  If you have floor mats or carpeting, it is worth it to spend the time giving it a proper scrubbing.

Another worthy piece of advice would be to change the wiper blades.  The winter may have done a good number on them and it is always a good thing to make sure they are ready for weather.  If the recent rain is any indication, we may be in for a stormy summer in New York.  So replace those wiper blades, you can find great deals on wiper blades in our Service Specials page.

There is plenty more tips to take into mind when cleaning, but these three are a good place to start.