When to Replace Your Cabin’s Air Filter


We’ve been covering vehicle tune up questions of a lesser known matter.  One that does tend to not get talked about is the cabin air filter.  Do you know when you should replace this filter?

As is the case with many of these, the length of time or miles driven in the vehicle before something needs to be changed or replaced differs depending on the automaker.  Some will say 12,000 miles while others may say 15,000.  For that reason, make sure to check the owner’s manual to see what is recommended for your model car.

Bear in mind that the number may also be influenced by the amount of driving you do and the location in which you do said driving.  For New York City drivers, the cabin air filter will need to be changed more frequently than that of someone in a rural location who doesn’t drive as much.  It can vary based on the air quality of the environment the car is driven in as well as the amount of driving done.

To see if your cabin air filter is acting up and needs to be replaced outside the regular check-ups; there are signs to see if it is becoming more and more ineffective.  One surefire sign is the smell.  Another is listening to the fan when you turn it up high.  If it is making a loud noise and not much air is being pushed out, that could mean the filter has gone bad.

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