Chrysler Uconnect Wins AOL Tech Award!

system_lg_730N_RHRNear the beginning of last month we reported that the Uconnect system that Chrysler has been putting into all their new vehicles was up for the AOL Tech of the Year award.  The votes are in and the winner has finally been decided in the contest.  We are pleased to follow up that story by declaring that Chrysler wins the award!

AOL has named the Chrysler Uconnect Access system their Autos’ Technology of the Year.  With over 20,000 people going to the AOL Autos website to read up more on all the nominated tech of the year, they also cast their ballots for the one they considered the best and most innovative.

The panelist that determined the finalist was made up of editors from AOL Autos, Autoblog, and Engadget.  With one vote each, they gave Chrysler the slight lead with a single vote.  The final winner would need to have the popular vote to seal the deal, however.

That meant the victory was just because editors at popular auto blogs liked the Uconnect system, but also the general public.  Marios Zenios, VP of Uconnect systems, saw as much, “We are honored to be recognized by AOL Autos, but the public’s validation of Uconnect Access is especially rewarding.  Clearly, we are on the right track as we focus on designing features that are easy to learn, easy to use, and – most importantly – mindful of the fact that driving is the number one reason people are behind the wheel.  Unconnect Access enables our customers to keep their focus on the road, where it belongs.

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Uconnect up for Tech of the Year Award!

The new technology that Chrysler is placing in all of its upcoming models is really getting people excited. So much so that AOL Autos Technology of the Year Award has placed the Uconnect system as one of the 6 finalist.

The Uconnect has numerous features that have made it so popular with drivers. The ability to look at a monthly health report for your car is one. Another is being able to have your voice translated into text. It can even adjust the music you’re listening to so that you can hear the driving directions being relayed to you from the GPS or if someone is calling you on the phone in order to hear better.

The competition this wonderful new tech is going up against includes Audi, Cadillac, and Ford. Honda’s “LaneWatch” and Nissan’s tire pressure monitor and refiller are also wanting to take the win away from Chrysler.

Chrysler recognizes this as a big chance for the company to show just how important the new tech is. They are urging fans of Uconnect to go and vote for them.  The winner will be announced on January 9th at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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