Get Your Car Clean for Spring

The weather in New York seems to be finally making the change over from a winter that went on for way too long into a sudden jump in heat.  For many, the concept of ‘spring cleaning’ is in their minds as the seasonal shift begins.  While the idea of spring cleaning is usually associated with the home, the car is an important place to take care now that it is and will be warmer out.

One of the first places to start with caring for the car is cleaning it.  You can visit the car wash and save some time, but for the people planning on handling it themselves for the weekend.  For those people, wants to remind people to wash underneath the car and in the wheel wells.  This will help drivers both clean off the buildup of road salt that most likely occurred during the winter season.  This will also help cut down on the corrosion caused by that buildup and can help prevent rust.

The next place of focus should be the interior.  Spend some time organizing the vehicle, including the glove box and making sure all the paper work is in order and where it needs to be.  Throw away any trash that’s built up and give those seats a good vacuuming to get all the stuff that snuck its way in.  If you have floor mats or carpeting, it is worth it to spend the time giving it a proper scrubbing.

Another worthy piece of advice would be to change the wiper blades.  The winter may have done a good number on them and it is always a good thing to make sure they are ready for weather.  If the recent rain is any indication, we may be in for a stormy summer in New York.  So replace those wiper blades, you can find great deals on wiper blades in our Service Specials page.

There is plenty more tips to take into mind when cleaning, but these three are a good place to start.

Spring Vehicle Check-List

Here are the parts that need checking:

  • Engine, Belts, Hoses, & Fuel Filter:

Replacing belts and hoses on a regular basis helps to avoid a breakdown or engine damage.  Replacing the fuel filter will make sure that your engine is running properly and will maximize your fuel economy.

  • Tires:

Check the air pressure for all of your tires.  That includes the spare.  If the pressure is off, that can lead to premature ware.  That, in turn, leads to decreasing your fuel mileage.

  • Brakes:

Brakes are used frequently throughout a single day.  Every time the brakes are applied, a thin layer of the pad disintegrates.  Make sure you inspect and replace those pads to ensure proper performance.

  • Oil:

Make sure your engine oil level is checked often and changed and refilled on a regular basis.  If the oil is dirty or too low, you can experience engine problems.  Not something you want happening to you in New York summers.

  • Air Filter:

Replacing a dirty filter will help protect your engine from airborne contaminants.  The car will get better air flow.  That helps decrease on fuel consumption.

  • Fluid Levels:

Dirty fluids have an impact on the performance of your vehicle and can lead to breakdowns.  Make sure you’re checking that everything is filled to the proper levels and on a regular interval.

  • Battery:

It’s been a rough winter and that meant some rough cold-morning starts.  Make sure there’s no corroded terminals or cracks on the case.  It’s never fun to have a battery fail in the middle of the city.

  • Shocks & Struts:

A rough winter also hurts the city streets, filling them with numerous pot-holes.  Make sure you have a smoother ride by seeing if those bumps caused any damage.

  • Wiper Blades:

Spring brings with it plenty of storms.  Don’t get caught in the rain with broken wipers.  You never want to have to fight to see through a downpour.

  • Headlamps, Tail Lamps, Turn Signals, & Hazard Lights:

Always make sure your lights are in proper working order to avoid two things, accidents and the cops pulling you over for a citation.

Bring your vehicle into our service department and we’ll give it the look over to ensure it’s ready to face the on-coming weather.  Best to get it out of the way before your vehicle develops problems on a road-side and your great vacation out of state has turned into a few hours waiting for the tow truck.

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Winter Weather Driving Advice

Winter Weather has come later than expected, but that doesn’t mean it is ever too late to educate yourself on what you can do to keep yourself safe on the road during this weather.  AAA has a breakdown of numerous things you can do to make sure this winter driving season is a safe one.  Here are a few that we feel the need to highlight.

Don’t drive while tired:

This is one not mentioned too often on lists like this.  Most of what we speak about is what one can do to help a car to work at its best during the cold season.  Not many people take the same care of themselves that they do the vehicles they drive.  You can do all the prep work possible but if you are too tired to properly react, then it will not matter.  Take care of yourself, get the right amount of sleep, which can go a long way in reducing risks on the road.

If you become snow bound, stay with the vehicle:

This is a vital thing to keep in mind.  Staying in the car may seem like it won’t get rescue to you any faster, but it can help to keep you alive for longer.  The car is capable of providing better shelter than being stuck outside in terrible weather can.  It is also much easier to identify for the rescuers.  A car sticks out, a person not as much.  This is also where your winter emergency kit should be to help deal with waiting for a tow truck or rescue.

Don’t be in a hurry:

Plan ahead and know what the weather will be.  If the road conditions are expected to be hazardous, give yourself plenty of time to deal with the additional traffic and time needed since you should be driving slower and more cautiously.  As long as you don’t get yourself in a rush, you can give yourself the time to be slower on dangerous roads.

Get some sleep:

If there is some bad weather, you need your wits about you.  There’s plenty of reason to get caught up on sleep, but during the winter, you need to get plenty of sleep so that if something happens on the road, you can react accordingly.  Get sleep and avoid making a bad decision when the moment counts.

Careful on hills:

Don’t just gun it up a hill by laying the pedal on the floor.  If you get stuck up the hill, you’re just going to spin your wheels.  The best way to approach is by building up some momentum and let that carry you up the hill.  At the top, that is when you want to slow down to go down the hill as slow as possible so you don’t lose control.

I feel these are winter driving tips that get missed.  There’s plenty more and I highly recommend checking out the entire list that AAA has put together, but these needed reiterating most of all.

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Getting Ready for the Cold


The cold should be coming soon to New York.  Hopefully, maybe, it just may.  It will happen eventually, and now may be the best time to make sure your car is ready for it.  Here is some useful things you can do to help your car when it comes time to turn on the heater.

  • Check your vehicle’s antifreeze.  Low temperatures can do some serious damage to your vehicle.  Make sure the antifreeze is at the right amount to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Also know what the effectiveness of your antifreeze is so that you are aware of the safe temperature range it has.
  • Inspect the vehicle’s hoses.  Pop the hood and look over the hoses.  Check for bumps or soft spots in the hoses.  If there are any cracks or issues, it can cause damage to your engine at the worst possible moment.  Not that there is any such thing as the right possible moment for an engine to break down.
  • Look at your air pressure and the treat on the tires.  This is what will be keeping you on the road during the cold.  A classic test for the tire tread is by using a penny.  Put the currency in the groove and see if the Lincoln Memorial is covered.  If not, time to contact a service center about getting some better tires.
  • Check the battery.  Colder weather can provide one mean workout to a battery.  If it is already weakened, then a winter this cold could be the final straw.

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Summer Maintenance Tips: Air Conditioner


The summer heat is hard enough to deal with, imagine doing it with an A/C that isn’t properly working.  With July almost over, that doesn’t mean the heat is going away.  Here is some tips on making sure you’re A/C is working properly during the summer so that it can keep you cool through the heat waves.

The biggest issue with a car’s air conditioning is that the driver doesn’t have as much control over maintenance as with other aspects of the vehicle.  If you suspect there is something wrong with your air conditioning that is a sign to get it in as soon as you can to a service department for someone to work on it.  An easy way to quickly identify a problem is just to feel the air coming out.  If it isn’t as cold as it should be, or even cold at all, it is a clear problem.

If the A/C is not working, there is a more important reason to have it fixed than simply comfort.  A failing air conditioning on a vehicle can impact the car.  The serpentine belt also powers other parts of the car, such as the water pump that keeps the engine from overheating.  If the A/C isn’t working right, this could cause your vehicle to overheat and nothing good comes from that.

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How to Take Care of Your Ram Truck in the Summer

Ram Trucks Summer Care Advice

With the summer heating up, now is a good time to start practicing some good care habits for your Ram truck. Here is a few tips courtesy from Ram themselves on how to make sure that your Ram survives a hot summer filled with traveling and rough terrain.

Regularly Cleaning It:

By doing this, you clear the truck of any loose particles of sand or dirt that could lead to smaller scratches in the paint as time goes on. Down the line, those damages can lead to rust, so be sure to clean your truck regularly or after a particularly dirty trip. Also, when cleaning the truck, don’t do it in direct sunlight, pick a spot that is shaded to avoid uneven drying.

On the flip side, be sure to take the time to dry. Don’t just leave the truck to dry on its own, do the work yourself. By using a towel, you’ll better remove the dirt and particles from the vehicle.


It can take some time, but by waxing your truck, you’re giving it an added shield against mother nature. Waxing helps make sure that your truck is able to not get scratched up easily by the environment. If you use a higher quality wax, it can even keep the temperature down on the truck’s paint, helping the pain to last longer.

Be Careful of the Sun:

Sun is great and all, but it can cause fading on your truck. This doesn’t mean to avoid driving in the sun, but where you keep it. It is best to park your truck in the shade such as a garage so that the sun doesn’t bake your paint job and cause your vehicle to look worst as the years go on.

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Tips for Winter Traveling

Winter Driving - QueenscjdofBayside - 01

The ice and snow have not come, at least, not yet.  Cue the dramatic music!  Yes, the weather for the New York area has held out, but if the past few years are any indication, there is some nasty weather coming after the new year.  Maybe this year will be different, but maybe it won’t.  No one ever lost anything by being ready.

What can you do to prepare for driving in bad weather, in the snow covered streets?  There’s plenty of tips and things to do so we’ll just scratch the surface.  Business Insider gave plenty of examples and here’s a few.

  • Top off your windshield wiper fluid and keep an extra bottle in your car.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • Know if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes or non-anti-lock brakes as this will decide how you brake.  If you have anti-lock, you want to use steady pressure, if you do not, then pump the brakes.
  • Have materials such as sand in your car in case you get stuck in the snow or ice and need some extra traction.
  • Check to make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Always have your gas tank at least half full so that the gas line doesn’t freeze.

Check out the full article for more tips on how to make sure that you don’t run into any issues traveling should the bad weather finally arrive to the Big Apple.

If you want to have your car looked at, then you can schedule a time to be seen by the service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge by going to our service tab on the website.  You can also keep up with your service appointments by downloading our mobile app to view details in real time on your vehicle when brought in for a service appointment.

What to Do About a Check Engine Light


We have all done it. Everyone, at some point in their life, has driven around trying not to worry about the “check engine” light. Some just plain ignore it. I think it is because of how that light doesn’t really point out a major issue. Check the engine for what? What that light means is unknown to most, so we’re trying to shed some light on the subject.

First off, that light comes in different shades depending on the manufacturer. What you really want to look out for is if the light starts to flash. This is a serious danger warning. One such issue that blinking light may be pointing to is the catalytic converter is overheating and if that is the case, then that means trouble for the car.

Which is why it is best not to ignore the light. Sure people tell themselves they can drive around for weeks or months with the light on and nothing happens. But that doesn’t mean that the engine isn’t suffering an issue that is being worsened by your avoidance of the trouble. According to, ten percent of all cars on the road have their “check engine” light on. Half of those drives have been ignoring the light for three months!

Edmunds lists the five most common reasons for the “check engine” light to have come on in 2010. They are:

  • O2 sensor
  • Loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter
  • Mass air flow sensor
  • Spark plug wires

If the light comes on due to an error, then it will most likely turn off after a short time. If that time has last well past a little while, then make the smart decision and save yourself time and money further down the road by checking your vehicle into a service department for an inspection.

Remember that you can schedule a time to be seen by the service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge by going to our service tab on the website.  You can also keep up with your service appointments by downloading our mobile app to view details in real time on your vehicle when brought in for a service appointment.

Summer Car Maintenance Tips: Tires


If the heat is any indication, Summer is upon New York. Time to start getting ready for summer traveling. As traditional as it is, this is the time when most families plan for and travel to their vacation spots using the family vehicle. In order to keep your vehicle working under what is bound to be some hot weather. Here is some advice on how to get your car ready for summer driving.

The first place to start is with the tires. It should go without saying just how important healthy tires are to driving. However, many people underestimate the wear and tear that extreme hot and cold can have. 2013 was both a very hot and very cold year and one bound to have done a number on various tires. A trick to see the amount of tread on the tire is with a penny. Stick the currency into the tread and if Lincoln is suddenly missing a head, that’s a good thing. If not, then it is time to consider getting new tires.

While on the subject of tires, it is vital to regularly check the air pressure in the tires. With the cold weather gone, check your manual or the sidewall of the tire to see where the tire pressure should be for summer heat. Having an under-inflated tire can wear on the sidewalls of the tire. Add heat and pressure to that mix and it can lead to a blown tire, one that can happen at the worst possible time. So avoid putting yourself in that predicament and maintain your tires.
A bonus to having a properly maintained tire at the right air pressure is what it can do for fuel economy. For summer traveling, saving money anywhere is a plus. A properly inflated tire can save up to a gallon of gas per month. Might not seem like much at first, but that can quickly add up.

Stay tuned for more summer vehicle maintenance tips in the coming blogs. If you need more help or would like a professional to look over your vehicle to see if it is ready for summer, contact our service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Go online and schedule a time to be seen and we can evaluate your tires to make sure they are road ready. Be sure to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter for more auto tips and special monthly offers.

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Make Sure Your Car is Ready for Winter

September seems to be the start of some nicer weather as fall may finally be upon us New Yorkers. For car owners, that means it’s time to start thinking ahead and making sure that their car is ready for the cooler weather that’s ahead. Mopar has a check-list to go down for the smart owner wanting to make sure they are ready for the winter. Here’s just a few of the important items they recommend on

First on the check-list is brakes. Any traveling for business or pleasure during the hot days and nights of summer can give your brake pads a heavy workout. This causes the thin layers to get removed. That means it’s a good time to make sure that that pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hardware, and parking break haven’t suffered any major wear and tear.

Next on the list is the car’s tires. Make sure to give them a long look-over and be on the look-out for uneven and irregular wear on the tread and the sidewall areas of the tires. If you see any excessive edge wear, center wear, and shoulder wear, this is an early indicator for any trouble that could be on other spots of the vehicle. Don’t forget that you check the air pressure to prevent premature wear and give yourself a better fuel economy. Make sure that your spare tire gets the same attention, just in case.

The next part of your car that needs evaluating is the battery. The summer doesn’t treat car batteries too well with the extreme heat we’ve been having. That leads to causing failure in the winter and the last thing any driver wants is to have a dead battery in the middle of a snow storm. Make sure the battery doesn’t have any corroded terminals and there’s no bulging and the case isn’t cracked. It may just be time to replace that battery.

The next piece of your car to pay attention to is one that doesn’t come instantly to people’s thoughts and that’s the wiper blades. It’s a nightmare to be driving through severe weather, such as heavy snowfall, and now have a good pair of wipers keeping your vision clear on the road. Perfect time for a reminder that Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge is currently having a “Buy One Get One Free” special on wiper blades.

Engine oil is very important important to bear in mind. It’s always something to be aware of and to make sure that you are up to date on your oil changes. Low or dirty fluids cause the engine to be potentially damaged under extreme conditions. In that the same vein, make sure that all the car’s fluids and lubricants are checked and changed properly. It’s definitely a good time to make sure your key fluids, antifreeze, power-steering, brake, transmission, and windshield washer fluids, are topped off and good.

Last on the check-list is your headlights and taillights. The days are shorter in the fall and winter and that means your lights will be seeing more use. Make sure that your inspected them all to ensure proper function and alignment.

Make sure that this fall weather doesn’t catch you unprepared. Contact us here at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge and bring in your vehicle for a check up. Be sure to also see our service and parts specials to take advantage of the great deals that are being offered. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more deals and offers when they happen.