Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain


Rain in New York seems to be here one minute, gone the next.  There are days where it seems like it’ll never let up.  We’ve assembled some tips to make sure that when you get caught in a downpour that you can still drive safely.

According to AAA, one thing you will want to avoid is using cruise control.  This will increase the possibility of losing control.  “To prevent loss of traction, the drive may need to reduce the car’s speed by lifting off the accelerator, which cannot be accomplished when cruise control is engaged.”  Like all driving during extreme weather, be it rain or snow, concentrating on driving is the most important.  Cruise control takes away from that concentration.

Without cruise contro, that helps give you control while driving.  That means you can control the speed of the vehicle while approaching stops and other vehicles.  With this, you can avoid hyroplanning.  Even at speeds as low as 35 mph, you can still lose control on a roadway.

To avoid this happening, it’s all about control and speed.  You will want to not step hard on the brake and do not make any sharp turns.  By leaving plenty of safe space between you and the other cars, this is not too difficult to accomplish.

If you do find yourself losing control, you will want to remain calm to get back from a skid.  Do not slam on the brakes in this situation, it will actually make the car harder to control.  Focus on where you want the car to go and to face and try to steer in that direction.  Hopefully, this will help you get out of the skid without an accident.

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Lesser Known Tips for Winter Driving


Winter Weather has come later than expected, but that doesn’t mean it is ever too late to educate yourself on what you can do to keep yourself safe on the road during this weather.  AAA has a breakdown of numerous things you can do to make sure this winter driving season is a safe one.  Here are a few that we feel the need to highlight.

Don’t drive while tired:

This is one not mentioned too often on lists like this.  Most of what we speak about is what one can do to help a car to work at its best during the cold season.  Not many people take the same care of themselves that they do the vehicles they drive.  You can do all the prep work possible but if you are too tired to properly react, then it will not matter.  Take care of yourself, get the right amount of sleep, which can go a long way in reducing risks on the road.

If you become snow bound, stay with the vehicle:

This is a vital thing to keep in mind.  Staying in the car may seem like it won’t get rescue to you any faster, but it can help to keep you alive for longer.  The car is capable of providing better shelter than being stuck outside in terrible weather can.  It is also much easier to identify for the rescuers.  A car sticks out, a person not as much.  This is also where your winter emergency kit should be to help deal with waiting for a tow truck or rescue.

Don’t be in a hurry:

Plan ahead and know what the weather will be.  If the road conditions are expected to be hazardous, give yourself plenty of time to deal with the additional traffic and time needed since you should be driving slower and more cautiously.  As long as you don’t get yourself in a rush, you can give yourself the time to be slower on dangerous roads.

Get some sleep:

If there is some bad weather, you need your wits about you.  There’s plenty of reason to get caught up on sleep, but during the winter, you need to get plenty of sleep so that if something happens on the road, you can react accordingly.  Get sleep and avoid making a bad decision when the moment counts.

Careful on hills:

Don’t just gun it up a hill by laying the pedal on the floor.  If you get stuck up the hill, you’re just going to spin your wheels.  The best way to approach is by building up some momentum and let that carry you up the hill.  At the top, that is when you want to slow down to go down the hill as slow as possible so you don’t lose control.

I feel these are winter driving tips that get missed.  There’s plenty more and I highly recommend checking out the entire list that AAA has put together, but these needed reiterating most of all.

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