Summer Maintenance Tips: Air Conditioner


The summer heat is hard enough to deal with, imagine doing it with an A/C that isn’t properly working.  With July almost over, that doesn’t mean the heat is going away.  Here is some tips on making sure you’re A/C is working properly during the summer so that it can keep you cool through the heat waves.

The biggest issue with a car’s air conditioning is that the driver doesn’t have as much control over maintenance as with other aspects of the vehicle.  If you suspect there is something wrong with your air conditioning that is a sign to get it in as soon as you can to a service department for someone to work on it.  An easy way to quickly identify a problem is just to feel the air coming out.  If it isn’t as cold as it should be, or even cold at all, it is a clear problem.

If the A/C is not working, there is a more important reason to have it fixed than simply comfort.  A failing air conditioning on a vehicle can impact the car.  The serpentine belt also powers other parts of the car, such as the water pump that keeps the engine from overheating.  If the A/C isn’t working right, this could cause your vehicle to overheat and nothing good comes from that.

If you need to get your air conditioner checked be sure to contact our service department to set up an appointment time to be seen.  Be sure to by liking Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge on Facebook, following on Twitter, or subscribing on YouTube.

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