Keeping Your Vehicle Running During Summer


New York is already midway through the summer and the heat is just unbearable.  Few things can wreak havoc on a vehicle like a summer heat wave here in the city.  It is best to prepare to face the worst as the humidity and temperature rise, so here are a few tips to help ensure your vehicle’s survival this summer.

That’s sort of misleading since the first place to start has more to do with the driver than with the car.  A car’s air conditioning will help you survive the worst heat in the summer.  Treat it right and make sure you don’t get yourself stuck in traffic on a 90 degree in what would be described as a metal can.

An air conditioning in your car isn’t something that is easy for the average driver to find out if something is working.  That’s why it is best to have it handled by the professionals, such as those at (plug) Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge.  In fact, (2nd plug) the dealership’s service department is running a special for the month to help drivers and their air conditioners.

Get your air conditioning checked out for $129.95.

We?ll continue to look at more tips for getting your vehicle ready for summer heat as the weeks go on.  Remember that you can schedule a time to be seen by the service department at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge by going to our service tab on the website.  You can also keep up with your service appointments by downloading our mobile app to view details in real time on your vehicle when brought in for a service appointment.

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