Chrysler Mopar Advantage

Mopar has been in business for 75 years and is the automotive parts and service arm of Chrysler LLC. What they do is provide the quality replacements for Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. They are also tasked with making aftermarket parts that are designed for performance. The history of the name is started back in the spring of 1937 when Chrysler was looking for a product name to put on their cans of Chrysler Motor Parts antifreeze. Many suggestions sprung up but what it came down to was simplicity. Taking the words “motor” and “parts,” they were combined to create Mopar.

1950 saw a real growth in the popularity of Mopar. Chrysler began to see the profit in being involved in the aftermarket of vehicle sales. What they found was that during bad times, car owners would rather spend more money on keeping their current and older car running fine rather than going out to purchase a new vehicle. It was also in this era that they began to offer the first Hemispherical engines. This gained love and respect from the racers of that day. With the new attention to them, 1958 saw them produce the 350 Cid Class “B” engine that came with a two 4-barreled carbs, one of the fastest engines of the time. Mopar became one of the leading names in muscle cars.

Since those days, Chrysler has developed the brand through quality of the product and newer, better means of distribution to auto lovers. They still enjoy national prevalence with new adaptations of popular products such as the Dodge Challenger and the new Dodge Dart. Mopar also produces all maintenance and collision parts that are used on Chrysler and Dodge brands. The company now celebrates a business that has stay strong for 75 years. There’s definitely no sign that they will be slowing down in their development and ensuring only the best for the customers that want it.

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